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ph: (317) 992 - 7764
4801 E Paradise Ln
Scottsdale az 85254
Sivyati is a Sanskrit word means to stitch/weave together. Wherein we try to weave in design, ethics, style, & nature to bring forth a change that values hand work over machine work & natural materials over synthetic materials. In the world of endless possibilities, our designs not only address creativity but also human, environmental & social impact. Each piece is painstakingly handcrafted and hand embroidered from natural materials. We make women’s fashion, which includes wrapping around dresses, tops & skirts, stoles, scarves & fabric jewelry. All Sivyati designs are hand embroidered & the fabric on which embroidery is formed is hand woven & made from natural materials such as such as cotton, linen, silk, jute or wool. Hence, each design is one of a kind, wholly handcrafted using traditional embroidery techniques & design that is inspired by nature.