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Listing Details

Arizona Artisans Collective LLC

ph: (480) 442 - 2349
132 E. 6th Street
Tempe az 85821
We are a professional fellowship of Arizona makers and artisans. Our vision is a strong and vibrant artist and maker community in beautiful Arizona. Our mission is to help each local artisan thrive and achieve their business goals.  One step at a time. ? We create community, resources & solutions for local art-repreneurs. Several ways to connect with us and get support: - Membership: basic is free and premium offers extensive services - Facebook Group - News, Tid Bits & Inspiration via our Newsletter - Free Meet-Ups on targeted business topics - Visit our Business Resource Center in downtown Tempe @ FABRiC We can help you with your business concept, branding, marketing, pricing, e-commerce, retail shows, wholesaling, goal setting, budgeting, and - yes - even business planning.  All the things that you don't really want to think about, but should.   I have 28 years in corporate finance in Silicon Valley & the NFL and am a glass and metal artist myself.